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Why you want your


Your contact bubble is accessible from the bottom right corner on every page. So your users and customers will always find you.

Runs on email

The messages are send to your e-mail. That is also where your customer conversation will continue. Hassle free. In an environment optimised for interaction.


Our focus keeps us affordable. Modern marketing platforms are stuffed with features you don’t need and use, but you do pay for. Not us. We keep it simple and affordable.

Why we prefer our bubble over alternatives

We don't love chat

Chat has the worst user experience. For both you and your customer. Chat leads to half questions, which you can’t answer. And users expect instant feedback, which you can’t give.

Contact forms also suck

You don’t have to build, deploy and maintain a custom contact form. Besides, our contact bubble offers a superior user experience, since it’s always available.

Your data is your data

Many third party tools collect all kinds of data. Data about you. Data about your users. Not us. We respect your privacy.

Centralised interactions

ContactBubble centralizes your customer interactions. No need to manage different channels. Which is perfect for single founders and small teams.

Email is king

E-mail is optimised for interaction. You can use your native platform or client that you already use and love. You can create a dedicated support account if you don’t want to clutter your inbox.

Make money and save money

Allowing easy customer interactions will have positive effects down the line. Which will make you money. And being affordable, you’ll save money as well.

How your bubble

Setup & Embed

Setup your bubble and customise your greeting, intro and your button colour. By copying the embed code into your website you activate your ContactBubble. That's it.


Your ContactBubble is accessible from the bottom-right corner of each page. Your users activate the contact-form by clicking the button. When the message is send, the conversation will continue through mail.


When the message is send, conversation will continue in your e-mail client. The original message is enriched with data, such as time-zone, webpage where question was initiated and browser version. All the info you need to start your interaction.

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