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We are the makers behind ConvertCalculator . ConvertCalculator is a powerful calculator form builder, that enables lead generation and increased conversion. ConvertCalculator provides a DIY-proces to build and run your unique form.

We launched ConvertCalculator in 2018. Customer interaction proved vital in the early stages of building our product. It still does. We have learned so much by continuous customer interactions. Learnings about how they found us. Why they were looking for us. Or straight up product feedback.

To get us started we used a product called Intercom. We loved the fact that users had an easy, low barrier way to approach us. Unfortunately that great feeling did not last.

For one, products like Intercom are very expensive. And offer a lot of features we do not need.

But more important, a small team proved unsuited to run customer service through chat. We are based in Europe. But we serve customers all over the world.

Chat had the expectation real-time response. And the questions were often short and unclear. So we were not able to serve our users how we wanted.

As a solution, we build ContactBubble. ContactBubble offers a similar approach for engaging our customer interactions, but handles the interaction in an optimised environment. The e-mail client.

This solution works perfect for us. We love the efficiency our e-mail client, in our case Gmail, provides. And when written communication does not do the job, we just schedule a call.

And we want to share this experience with you.

The startup and maker community is quite opinionated. As are we. So if you hate e-mail, we are not for you.

We're very curious to learn how you like to handle your customer interactions. So please reach out. You know where to find us!

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